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Everyday 6:30am - 5:00pm

What we Do


At Fosko, we consider ourselves the pride of Palafox. Located in the heart of downtown Pensacola, Fosko is the premiere place to satisfy your cravings. We serve fresh brewed coffee from our advanced Seraphim pour over system. Our variety of handcrafted lattes and espresso drinks are made on beautiful, classic, Elektra Belle Epoque espresso machines.  We serve two different kinds of house made cold brew, including our own nitro cold brew on tap. Those with a sweet tooth can indulge in our cold blended frappes, while those looking to shape up can try one of our famous FIT frappes with caffeine, protein, and less than a gram of sugar. We also offer a selection of hot chocolates, teas, and smoothies for non-coffee drinkers. 

Fosko is proud to offer a full liquor menu as well as a fine beer & wine selection. 

In addition to our array of beverage choices, we also serve a variety of sweet and savory crêpes and pastries all day long. Check out our menus for complete descriptions and pricing.


What we Use


Our shop diligently crafts in house recipes and products in our full bakery and kitchen, and we are also proud to work with a variety of local partners who help us indulge our customers in the most premium experience.


All of our handcrafted lattes and mochas use Fair Trade Organic espresso from the award winning roasters at Klatch Coffee.  Three Klatch roasts are available exclusively as single pours daily: our medium-dark house roast, Blue Thunder is a bold French and Sumatran blend. Our Coffee of the Week is a rotating light or medium roast Klatch coffee. 


We proudly serve a variety of locally sourced ingredients in our menu. We offer local raw East Hill Honey in our signature honey latte.  

In addition to our hot and cold coffee drinks, we also carry a selection of loose leaf Steven Smith Teamaker teas (available hot or over ice) as well as fresh-fruit blended smoothies. 

Where we Started


The Fosko logo was born in Mobile, AL in 1905 as a brand of soft-drink for the E. Carre Bottling company. Turn of the century sodas were far different beverages than what we drink today, and the original Fosko recipe, of which we still have a copy, called for cocaine, alcohol, and various South American plants known for hallucinogenic properties. In fact, the term "soft-drink" was a legal definition applied to any beverage with less than 3.5% alcohol. Fosko enjoyed tremendous success along the Gulf Coast for several decades and served as the official drink of the Mobile minor league baseball team. In 1941, the owner-operator left the business to serve in World War II and was unfortunately unable to establish Fosko's pre-war market share upon his return.


Today we're proud to carry on the Fosko tradition of serving expertly crafted beverages with renowned Gulf Coast hospitality. We're also working to bring the Fosko soda back to life, minus a few key ingredients of course.